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application machinery

LithoPore® - Silo System HT

LithoPore® - Silo System HT
  • Complete system
  • Adapted for LithoPore® Station 500M
  • Fast assemblage
  • Maximum flexibility
  • For mobile use
The LithoPore® Silo System HT is the ideal solution for temporary material stocking. It is suitable for all powdery materials. It can be combined for example with the LithoPore® Station 500M to have more autonomy. Due to the hydraulic leg system it can be placed and removed within few minutes only. The HT series is available in various sizes. The silo can be easily hooked up by a truck and brought to another construction site.
  Entity HT32 HT42
Silo capacity [m³] 32 44
Cement capacity [t] > 42 > 50
Screw conveyor capacity   adjustable adjustable
Power requirements [kW]
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