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LithoPore® - Sand Bunker System

LithoPore® - Sand Bunker System
  • Accurate dosing
  • For combined use with LithoPore® Station 1500-6000
  • For stationary use

Sand dosing requires a specific machinery in opposite to powdery products such as cement and / or filler. It is suitable for all different types of sand up to 2 mm in grain size. The sand can also contain a certain quantity of humidity, as it can be automatically detected and respected in the related mix design. The LithoPore® Sand Bunker System can be directly loaded by dump trucks or front wheel loaders.

It can be combined with the LithoPore® Station 1500-6000 and is developed for a complete plant solution.

  Entity Value
Bunker capacity [m³] 16
Sand capacity [t] > 25
Power requirements [kW]
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