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A brand of Luca Industries International GmbH
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LithoPore® - LPAC Standard Block

LithoPore® - LPAC Standard Block
  • Fireproofed (totally inorganic)
  • Fully recyclable (ordinary construction waste)
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Energy saving, excellent insulation
LithoPore® - LPAC Block is an aerated lightweight concrete block for every masonry wall system. It fulfills all requirements for a modern masonry unit and can substitute CMUs (Concrete Masonry Unit) AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) or clay bricks.
Environmentally-friendly manufactured it is a very cost effective construction material, durable and sustainable for all climatic regions. It combines a good insulation effect (due to the embedded air) with structural characteristics.
  metric imperial
entity value entity value
Dimensions [mm] 600x200x200
any other possible
[in] 24x8x8
any other possible
Density [kg/m³] 500-600 [pcf] 31.2-37.5
Thermal [W/mK] 0.12 - 0.17 [R-value per in] 1.2-1.6
Compression [MPa] 3.0-4.0 [PSI] 435-580
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